Saturday, November 21, 2009

Around the Farm...

Good evening, all!
Hope all of your are doing well today! We're doing so wonderful-don't we serve a merciful Lord God!!? Ah.

Oh, we're having a party over here-Cleve went to town and got the proper loot, and we have coffee 'a grinding, Swing Low playin' and nachos toasting...we just came in from romping outside in the luscious Fall weather...I'm so blessed in my darling fam. :D Thank You, Lord.Ah-sunrises!! Wow.

Thought I'd share a few pictures from our past week or so-roofing, playing in our new supply of hay, :) swinging, just everyday life!

Well, I'm gonna run! God bless you all!

Love in Him,

Adeline, for the family
LOL, I love Joe's expression in this shot-he sure loves his Aunt Dee.Precious GrandMama with little William-so sweet!

Oh! We're putting on a tin roof over here! No more leakage, Lord willing! Charming! Plus, now it matches the other houses/barns on the farm. :) The boys and Daddy are amazing.WesThe little boys have been doing such a good job of chopping and piling our winter's stock of firewood.GrandDaddy darling visiting with Esther...hey there, baby girl!
I now present to you:

A cow. Isn't she pretty? I mean, for a cow. ;)
And now, here's one of my favorite spots on the earth...down by the bridge and the swing...there's just nothing quite like swinging...
The good old swing
And me on it...
If you look real close, you can see a sliver of moon beside the trunk.

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Sarah said...

Hello There, Adeline!!! This is Sarah Taylor from Thomasville! It has been too dreadfully long since I have seen you and your family! i enjoy reading your blog immensely, but it's not the same :( Your posts are so delightful; you have a deliciously Southern way with words, and your photography is amazing! I hope you are doing well and y'all have a Happy Thanksgiving! (let me know what's up with you and maybe we can get together before too long!)