Sunday, November 8, 2009

We really enjoyed talking with these ladies. They were so friendly and interesting to talk to. You almost thought you really were back in the 17th century.
LOL, this thatched roof must have been a little aged. :) The moss sure was pretty!
Melanie outside the meetinghouse...

Dee and Melanie looking in on the Indians...
The Livestock :)
This lady was particularly interesting-I believe she was of French descent, and she came over on the second boat, the Anne. Her accent was so cool!

I think the highlight of the visit to Plymouth was when the Deacon led us in the Old 100, and in another song that he taught us in rounds. It was such a special thing to praise God together, singing the same praises our fore-parents sang to Him, many, many years ago, perhaps even in the same place. God has blessed us so richly in such a godly heritage!

The guys enjoy a homemade game one of the ladies there lent them. John looked at it closely and then came home and made one!! Brilliant child. :D I was so proud of him.
Back in the gift shop, we watched this lady work on some period clothing for the plantation...
Oh, and look at these adorable little moccasins. :)
They had these beautiful cabbages at the entrance. The colors God uses are so vibrant!

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