Monday, November 9, 2009

There it is, pew 81. I think I touched the same wooden handle he did! All weekend, there were so many places we went to that were soo important, that I was just like, wow. I can't believe I'm standing where this man stood, or where this family landed. I'm looking at the same land, standing on the same dirt they did when they first got here, cold and, besides The Lord, the Indians and those of there own party, completely alone. My +great grandfather, Richard Warren, landed here. He was there!! Ah. amazing. Thanks You, Lord.
A young lad, a chapeau and a lamp post. Charm.
This tree was so majestic. It just looked like it had been there forever and was quite comfortable with it's lot.
This was presented by this man's great, great, great grandchildren.
Melanie looking at it all...
The steepleMarscel
Does anybody now what this symbolizes? Maybe the guy was super wealthy and wanted that fact to be preserved for posterity. "Here lies a wealthy man";) Oh, while I'm on the subject of tomb stones and such, here's a darling joke I heard once. If you're in a hurry, just skip it and move on. For those of you who have time, here goes:

"There was once an honest lawyer who's last name, oddly enough, was Odd. His whole life, people ribbed him about it, and it always annoyed him immensely. So, as he was older now, he called his faithful secretary to his office and told him that when he passed away, to make sure that, on his tomb stone, it would read "Here lies an Honest Lawyer" and then his dates, and let that be all. He had had enough of the teasing in his life time, and didn't want to be spoken of with laughter after his death as well. Several months later, the old lawyer passed away, and his faithful secretary saw that all he had desired was done. Many years later, all the people who were old enough to remember old Mr. Odd always chuckled quietly among themselves about it, because, now, when people walk through the cemetery, they stop and read his unusual tombstone, and with puzzled expressions always add, "Hum. That's odd."

Alright, on to more sensible matters:


Baleboosteh said...

If you mean the bit in the middle that looks like a dollar sign - if you look closely you will see that it is actually the letters IHS superimposed on top of each other. IHS is a Christogram or a shortened version of the name of Our Lord. IHS stands for the first 3 letters of Jesus name in Greek (iota - eta - sigma) but when you write these letters in Latin script you write them IHS (not IES). It can also stand for 'Iesus Hominem Salvator' which means 'Jesus, Saviour of Men' in Latin. You'll find it on lots of gravestones and church furniture in the UK (if you ever come for a visit - which I very much hope you do!).
God bless you all

Mortonclan said...

Ah! I see now.When you look at it with that in mind it's really clear.It was my idea, that it was a money symbol, thanks for telling us. I've learned somthng new!
Have a great day!