Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday morning we all had a delicious breakfast (their food is fab!) and then headed out for church meeting.

Dr. Paul Jehle was a guest speaker that Sunday, and we really enjoyed his thought provoking message on jurisdictions. I was blessed to meet several young ladies and talk with them for a little while after the message. It was funny-I recognized most of them from different conferences and blogs, but had never meet them before, so it was neat to put names and faces together. What a delight it was to be encouraged by these young woman in the holy calling of being a daughter and sister, in this season.

Back at the Thomas', we had lunch, talked about the message some, laughed and swapped stories. Then it was outside to play a little ultimate frisbee! Later that evening we enjoyed a time of discussion and scripture reading.
Cards were in order, of course, :)
He knows he's bound for janitorial duties...The fathers talking...
Matthew got out his bagpipe,
Melanie her harp,
And Cleve his guitar-beautiful music!The Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 The Great in concert!Cleve and Miciah

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