Monday, November 9, 2009

We left home at 3:00 am on Wednesday morning, and when I finally woke up we were in NC. :) Daddy is an incredible driver. The autumn colors were gorgeous! Above is Cleveland's shot of a bridge...pretty neat!
"Fruit 'N Fiber!"
We drove through allot of the major cities on the way up- it was the first time us younger kids had ever been up that far, so we were quite excited to see the capitol building, the Washington monument, the Statue of Liberty (even if she was only an inch tall, LOL) and other famous landmarks.
We stopped at a gas station and got subways, and sat in a little grassy area under the tree- so nice. Andrew and Sam posing in the WonderSub...

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thomasmama said...

Ok, I'm just getting to check out ya'lls post.....the one with Andrew advertising Fruit 'n Fiber is hilarious! Hmmmm, Krispy Creme....fruit n fiber..... LOL