Sunday, November 8, 2009

Back on the road...
"Help! help, it's all closing in!"
I now give to you, my dears-The WonderSub!! Observe 'de stuff!! LOL. We literally had luggage almost over our heads! :) The Lord gave everybody grace, though, and we all arrived home unscathed.
We got M&M's and split them according to tradition... ;)
And wasn't out dear sister in law precious to leave this on our chalkbord at home!?

We arrived home around 4:00 am Wednesday morning, tired but happy, and so blessed by our gracious Lord for such a special and memorable trip!!

Well, farewell, all!

Love in Him

for the clan of Moton

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Matthew Thomas said...

Wow, What a post! There were so many great pictures! It was so nice having you guys up here and I'm sure I'll never forget that late night game of Mao or rolling down the hill or visiting Plimoth Plantation. Great time...